About The NZULM


What is the NZULM?

The New Zealand Universal List of Medicines is the standard source of commonly-used information about medicines in New Zealand. It is the primary naming and coding database for medicines in the NZ health sector, and is used in most medical and pharmaceutical software. The NZULM brings together medicines information from Medsafe, PHARMAC and the Pharmacy Guild into a single standardised product, utilising the “common medicines language” in the New Zealand Medicines Terminology (NZMT). It was initiated by the National Health IT Board in 2009 and first officially released for use in 2011. It is free to use.

Key Information

  • The NZULM is FREE to use.
  • Email [email protected] and ask to be put on the monthly distribution list.
  • The NZULM is a service of the New Zealand Ministry of Health.


It is a dictionary of trusted, standardised information covering:

  • the official, standardised name of a medicine;
  • the official code-number of a medicine (or part thereof);
  • whether a medicine is approved for use in New Zealand;
  • what restrictions, if any, apply;
  • whether it is subsidised and the level of subsidy; and
  • any conditions that apply.

It also incudes:

  • products listed in PHARMAC’s Hospital Medicines List,
  • medicines supplied under Section 29 of the Medicines Act, and
  • some commonly available natural remedies.

The NZULM and NZMT are services of the New Zealand Ministry of Health.