On this page you’ll find some useful forms and instructions on how to fill them in.

Application for a new medicine listing or a Section 29 medicine listing in the NZMT


Download the Application for a new NZMT listing (Excel spreadsheet) (Google doc)

You can also read detailed instructions for completing the form.

Save the completed form giving it a separate file name.

E-mail the form to [email protected].

Application for “Specify Brand Advice” status

Clinicians are able to ask for a medicine to be given Specify Brand Advice status.

Applications may be for:

  • all dose–form presentations of an active ingredient
  • defined dose–forms of an active ingredient
  • defined dose–forms for a particular brand of medicine.

Applications will be evaluated against the criteria recorded in the current version of the Medicines Safety Expert Advisory Group’s Guidelines for the application of Specify Brand Advice within Electronic Systems document.

Intending applicants should consider which of the criteria they consider applies to the medicine they are concerned about when making an application.

How To Apply

Download the Application Form (Excel spreadsheet) (Google doc)

We recommend you read our Guidance on completing the form.

Email your completed form it to [email protected].

Processing Your Application

Applications will be reviewed and a decision communicated to the applicant as soon as possible after the application was lodged. In some cases the process may include seeking advice from the Medicines Safety Expert Advisory Group (MSEAG) which will extend the time required to reach a decision. Applicants will be advised if MSEAG advice is needed.

When an application is approved the relevant medicines in the NZULM will have the «specify_by_brand» flag added to their NZULM listing. This information will be included in subsequent releases of the NZULM and flow through into clinical software systems via their usual update processes.

The NZULM and NZMT are services of the New Zealand Ministry of Health.